Sameera Aziz is the first Saudi Bollywood film director. Film “Reem” is the flagship project of Sameera Aziz which is in pre-production work era right now.

This story is based on the issues and effects of cross-cultural marriage. This is a story of a Saudi girl, Reem; whose mother is an Indian woman. After getting the divorce from Reem’s Saudi father, she returned to Mumbai, India – leaving her 8-month-old daughter Reem with her Saudi father and Saudi step mother in Jeddah. Reem has been living a happy life with her agate siblings. In fact, one of her younger brothers is her good friend and she shares every secret with him. He supports the right of Reem to make her own choices.

One day, after her graduation, it coincidently revealed to Reem that her real mother was an Indian woman. Reem gets surprised and mystified. Now she wants to know her genuine identity. She becomes curious to know about her real mother. Postponing her marriage, Reem goes to India with the excuse of taking further education. She then starts searching her actual mother there with the help of the information she has gathered in Jeddah. Her father did not know her real motive of her stay in Mumbai until the last.

Will she find her mother? How? What kind of struggle she will do in India to reach to her mother? She has a maternal half-sister as well in India and she is the 2nd heroine of the film. She will also find her ‘Mr. Right’ in India who is an ‘angry young man’. Both ignore each other. He realizes his deep feelings for Reem only after her departure to Saudi Arabia. She returns to Jeddah just to obey her father’s order.

Now in this situation, Reem’s marriage with her love will be possible?

You will see it in the film.

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